Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Roid Rage

I went to Cici's Pizza the other day to eat with my brother. Everyone in the place was enjoying themselves until a roided out douche came in and started carrying on at the register. Apparently he purchased the buffet and though he was getting a pizza to go and he wanted his money back immediately... well they did give him his money back however roid head used a credit card. Any logical person who graduated preschool knows that the money will not be put back on his card right away. This was too much for this idiot to comprehend. Also while he's pissing and moaning he was also embarrassing himself because well he is the only one on the planet that doesn't understand how to order at Cici's. I felt bad for the girl at the counter... it's like I fucking work at Cici's leave me alone you douche. I was hoping someone would distract him with a protein shake. What the fuck are you doing at Cici's anyways if your beat off sessions are to a bodybuilding magazine? These guys all dream about sucking off Arnold. The guy eventually left and took his pea sized nuts with him.