Friday, July 17, 2009


I was kicked out of a bar probably because I had won a "free happy hour" at McFaddens. Although I guess when you go up to the table and ask for more drink tickets they say no because you have half a drink in your hand? My response, naturally drunk: "are you fucking serious?" So apparently she signaled to have me kicked out, but I was already pissed off enough.. so I just walked out and I asked the bouncer if its a new thing for them to kick people out over half drinks now? He didn't really know what to say.. obviously... The bitch marked my hand "WπC2" what the fuck does that even mean? Alright everyone else I saw had just a regular "W".. so at the beginning of the night the bitch had it in for me. I mean all I could ask was "really?".."really?" It's like bye "WπC2" you're a bitch. McFaddens I've always hated that place, I don't plan on going there any more. I went because I was supposed to drink for free, but instead I just dealt with assholes and bitches.

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