Thursday, July 23, 2009

To be or not to be... McNaired?

Alright as a loose definition "McNaired" (referring to recently murdered quarterback Steve Mcnair who was shot by his mistress 4 times before taking her own life)...

McNaired (verb): to be murdered by a psycho bitch and while you are drunk/sleeping or not suspecting her from killing you

Just recently boxer Arturo Gatti was also found McNaired when his crazy bitch strangled him with her purse strap while he was drunk. As if bitches weren't crazy enough now we can't even have a few drinks without worrying about them killing us? I mean what is going on here? Athletes bring your body guards around at all times because you don't know what these bitches are going to do. Like David Wright... I would watch out Erin Andrews is probably not the best girl to be dating right now. I mean she's probably pissed about that tape of her naked floating around the internet and is looking to fuckin' McNair someone. David Wright get out as a precaution, the Mets need you, they suck already we don't need you getting McNaired. I'm even having nightmares myself of getting McNaired. Crazy bitches surround us in this world on my birthday I was especially afraid of being McNaired, just by looking at the list of bitches that were coming... going down it.. crazy, crazy, definitely killing me, the only reason she would come is to McNair me, just released from the psych ward... the news came out that Gatti was McNaired on my birthday which didn't help my situation. Obviously I'm still living, but I created a pact to make sure I lived. The girl I thought was going to McNair me texts me the next morning when I woke up just as I had walked upstairs to lay on the couch. The text read: "Are you still alive?". She obviously isn't done with me. I've spoken to her a few more times since then. It's strange, my friends believe I'm just asking for it. I came across a discovery though while discussing with others.. McNair and Gatti were both drunk at the time. I have come to the point where I'm sick of waiting around and wondering if it's going to happen or not as well. One of my friends advised me to just get drunk and fall asleep on the couch and if I wake I am meant to live. That night is tomorrow night... look for more posts.

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