Wednesday, July 22, 2009

KFC... Again

KFC I ripped you on your gay ass advertising campaign regarding grilled chicken not that long ago. I also mentioned in there how you claimed that 10 dollar buckets were like an awesome deal and shit.. well now you have new ads out and I want to give you credit for them. They are trying to compete with the 5 dollar subs... they make a point that the chips and drink are extra, now I don't know what is in the box at KFC, but it sure beats them advertising 10 dollar meals... Plus we all hate Subway's fuckin' ads example:

Everyone in this is high on cocaine as far as I'm concerned. Why the fuck is the one bitch in the commercial if she doesn't know the song?.. Give someone else a chance. The people at KFC aren't pushing gayness on us either with a song so I respect them for that as well. However they do have that really gay ad and I'm not sure if it has been pulled or not, but I blogged about it last time...

So gay.. enough said. Anyways if you see the new KFC with their 5 Dollar Box they came out with I'm proud of them.

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