Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Return

The other day I received a text message from my bitch "mother"... If you don't recall I hate her for countless reasons. I'm not sure how she got my cell number, probably online at one of the pay sites because she is pathetic. This is the first time she has text me on this number so I was pissed beyond belief. She sends the most irritating shit to me as well and it just keeps coming. She also sends those irritating chain texts that everyone in her phonebook gets, God, kill me. I’m looking to change my number again though because she is that awful. It really is enough to make you go crazy; she is the worst person on the face of the Earth. Funny thing, my brother remind me the other day how about how she used to pack us plain cheese sandwiches in our lunches. Yes, that's right a cheese fucking sandwich, made with bread and American cheese... yum. I would get that like 4 days in a row as well. Anything would be an improvement to a cheese fucking sandwich. Now there was lunchmeat in the fridge, it isn't like there was only cheese in the fridge.. Even then what the fuck was she eating for lunch? Oh yeah that's right.. the bitch was going out to the Cheese Cake Factory with her psycho friends. Maybe she got confused? There was also the peanut butter sandwich that we would get frequently in our lunches when there was a sufficient supply of jelly. Anyways I'm getting my wisdom teeth out in the near future and she won't be here to take my pain killers... bitch.

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