Saturday, June 20, 2009


I've had my license suspended for the last 3 months by my doctor.. so if you thought I got a speeding ticket or a DUI, nice try asshole. Because of this very large inconvenience I find it hard to get shit done. Simple things like going to get food at the grocery store becomes like a huge event. I am painfully forced to take the COTA buses everywhere... lets talk about the COTA bus experience, shall we? Today I saw hands down the greatest she-mullet of all time, nothing can change my mind. What else? Black people... that probably says it all, but I'm an asshole so I'm going to elaborate. Lets just say when you're the 20 year old white male boarding the bus with the ipod you aren't well liked. You're probably saying that's stupid. Why the fuck would you do that shit? Won't you get jumped? Well I have exorcized my "I don't give a shit anymore right" maybe I have my ipod because I couldn't stand listening to the awful conversations these people have amongst themselves. Peppered constantly with "nigga", "that's fucked up", "nephew", "sista", and the usual's ("probation", "court", "damn", etc..). A 5 minute bus ride and you become about 30 times dumber than you were before you got on. The bus drivers are always quite the characters themselves since they have to deal with crackheads all the time. They yell at people all the time it's great. Today I was called after my eye exam by my father... "I'm at Refugee and fucking Eastland Four." I actually found myself saying this. Wow. Yes, what the fuck does that mean? that is the intersection I was at for all of you adventurous ones out there I have supplied a link to illustrate just exactly where the fuck I was. MAP Zoom out and look in relation to Ohio State, now think without a car.. I was standing there for an hour and a half in the 90 degree heat with my thumbs up my ass waiting on a bus that I wasn't even sure was going to take me to the proper destination. Great. Fuck me right? At least there was this spectacular she-mullet at the stop with me and her white trash family. God. That bus wasn't going to be taking me the entire way I knew I was going to have to take several buses. What was great is the other bus I got on there were people standing so I had to fucking stand so it was fucking excellent because a bunch of people were crammed in. I got to my eye exam at 11:30, I walked in the door of my place at 3:15... I hate not being able to drive. July 1st can't come any sooner.

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