Monday, June 1, 2009

A Message to My Readers

If you haven't noticed I've been up to speed with my blog now that school is coming to an end in the next two weeks and I've been cramming all my shit in. I've also been getting numerous doctors appointments in Cincinnati where I find them to be helpful, but the people that take my blood for the tests are incompetent since I had to go back so they could re-stab me... I've been writing these stupid papers that waste my time.. statistics is another class I am taking, the "labs".. also a waste of time. The countdown to June 10th is ticking, until then I'm not sure as to how many blogs I'll have up, but I have been compiling a grand amount of material for when I get the time to write them. For now hang tight and hopefully I can squeeze one out between now and June 10th.

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