Thursday, June 25, 2009


By now you've probably heard Michael Jackson died from a heart attack. I'm not sure if his favorite 9 year old couldn't make it over for the night or not, but it's shocking how many people that hate on him for being that pervert have the "RIP MJ" everywhere all over there Facebooks and shit. Give me a break people. Aren't you the same fuckers that called him "Jacko the Wacko"? Sure I can respect that he was the King of Pop, but I know that he's probably slapping hands with Satan right now about to bend over another little boy in Hells' version of Neverland. The only difference is this time nobody will care. Sure the guy had issues.. I mean his skin color changed and his nose was well I don't know how to go about describing the overall Michael Jackson transformation other than being somewhat corny and making a Thriller reference. Now they aren't even sure how he died? How am I not surprised? This whole thing is so creepy and I can't wait for it to be over. I whole idea of him being too stupid to understand you can't just have slumber parties at Neverland is unreal. It's over now and the world is safer I guess, now we must mush through this bullshit.

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