Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm Offended in Every Way Possible...

"The whistles go whoo"

Dude... dude, wow. Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis... I'm trying not to be racist, but I mean come on are they not living up to their negative stereotypes? Holy shit, what other activities does motherfucking Bubb Rubb take part in? Bubb Rubb's whistle tip is his alarm clock? If anything you're just going to end up fucking yourself Bubb Rubb when you're trying to hide from the cops and they can hear your car everywhere.. this is exactly why you're name is fucking Bubb Rubb and you are fucking a dumb bitch like Lil Sis right now. Lil Sis.. seriously? Decoration? Really is that what its for? So you guys can't afford to pay for food or you're taxes, but you can make it go whoo whoo right? I want to projectile vomit all over you then proceed to plant, pivot, and shit on you both.. you suck at life. They couldn't even drive straight ahead for the cameras (they went across the double yellow and went through a fucking stop sign in the process as well as almost hitting another car). WOW! If anything outlaw these fucks from driving.

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