Thursday, June 4, 2009

Epic Games

There are games in our lives we remember.. the ones that were the most important, the ones that were the most fun and the ones that caused the most pain. In drinking games there are many that stand out.. sure there are great runs in pong that I've had where it seemed I couldn't miss, but the games itself we are talking... epic games, games you create with the boys. The night of the Grand Master seems to stick out first, legendary, I'll never forget it. Now the game was very complex and you pretty much had to be there, but basically the Grand Master can do pretty much whatever he wants and gives out drinks and makes certain rules. I remember I had to sing for a full minute of some shitty song I didn't know the words to or I would have to take down a full beer. Yesterday we played our version of drinking Monopoly.. it was brutal. Examples of some rules: go to jail is a full beer, waterworks is a shotgun session, railroads are beer runs for everyone, and drinks are given out according to amount owed (I can't remember what the official amount was).. Regardless, I think I was taking the worst out of anyone with about 5 full beers I had to chug. It was a classic game and we took down the rules so I can definitely see it becoming a new house tradition.

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