Friday, May 1, 2009

Things that should work..

Do you have things that should work, but don't? This comes from the same family as "this is where it would be if we had it" when you are a store or something. Fucking irritating right? Nothing is worse than expensive things that should work, but don't. IPods.. I don't care what the reviews say they blow dick. They always fail you, freeze show something really gay on the screen or hold a battery for 5 minutes. The dryer at my house, it is supposed to dry clothes hence the name "dryer", but it doesn't dry them at all. Not to mention since my landlord is a bitch we have the thing on quarters so I have to pay for it not to dry my clothes.. Buy my own right? Yes, we tried that, but the bitch said we couldn't so now we have this issue where I plan on giving her an earful about. My phone, dude AT&T is awful fewest dropped calls? The other networks must have dropped calls every 5 seconds then, because I can't seem to ever get service. The cable, no matter what I do to the connection it will always distort every now and then. The most irritating of all has to be the internet though. I it happens all the time, virtually every fucking day. Time Warner Cable sucks a cock with service too.

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