Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Do you know someone that is so obsessed with something they ruin it for you? This person in my case is Sir K-Ylenfeet the Great. He loves steak. It is fucking disgusting, in fact I will probably never eat steak ever again. He has ruined it for me and others he is friends with regardless if he is aware of it or not. When he says it his mouth fills with saliva and he spits it and it's fucking irritating. Sir K-Ylenfeet the Great always says "fuckin' steak" as well which is twice as irritating, followed usually by "that's fuckin' right" or "boom baby". He uses these lines because he thinks he is cool or something for ordering steak or some shit? I don't know? If you can explain it to me please by all means be my guest. In my previous blog about the Sir I mentioned his possible foot fetish. There is a belief that he uses A1 Steak Sauce as foot lube on his victims. Marinades are also possible colognes for him to seduce his fat bitches since they are loured in by the smell of steak easily explaining why he plows so many hefty bitches. At parties me and the boys feel the need to have random people ask him how much he loves serloin. He still doesn't get it. If I ever get married everyone will have the option of getting a steak besides him, fuck him, he isn't getting one. He has problems and needs to go to counciling over his obsessions with steak.

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