Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shit's Weak

One of the greatest lines ever brought about by the movie Grandma's Boy. The movie is a genuine classic in my opinion and it has helped me notice this very theme: "shit's weak". Recently many things seem to fall under that category of being extremely weak. It baffles the mind in some instances from people like my landlord who won't fix our fucking dryer and suck at life, to people I haven't talked to in forever randomly blocking me on Facebook because I'm friends with her boyfriend. She blocked her boyfriend too? Who does that? Like really that is so fucking weak and it's like I really didn't care for you before, but now I have formed a complete opinion about you. I just deleted you to finish the job for you.. no worries "bye bye, great success". Seriously what is your beef? You have none. What else? These weak ass papers I have to write every week for class. I think I'm getting dumber from writing them. They bring nothing to the table, I learn nothing from them and it's just a waste of time... So as I sit here and wait for a pair of clean boxers to dry after paying in quarters for it to dry and it failed to do so, it makes me wonder.. how weak is that shit?

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