Sunday, May 3, 2009

R Kelly Returns

Dude my buddy, Landfill, came down tonight to party with me from 7 fucking hours away. So we pregame for a few hours and eventually go to our friends party. We go to my friends' 21st birthday party down the street, as predicted her underage sister is blacked out and being belligerent as always. What else is new? Landfill becomes the guy that will carry her later if needed also known as the guy that will have to carry her. Eventually the party dies we leave we go to eat and we get a call practically right as we are leaving "Oh will you come carry my sister back"... FUCK! Head back Landfill goes in sure enough he goes to carry this sloppy bitch.. God I'm glad I wasn't elected. Sure enough first question he asks "what is wet?"..

Yes, that is correct the bitch pissed herself and was putting it all over him.. golden shower? Somewhat.. We needed a bottle of urine gone, and yes, with enzyme action. The issue is it wasn't really announced that it was officially piss until say 3/4ths of the trip back...

If it was me I would have killed someone. It gets worse though. At this point she announces she may try to R Kelly him again! Are we serious? This could only remind me of one thing.

God it was awful. The next morning there was no "I'm sorry" or anything. Wow, I don't know what to say.

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