Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Real Fellas

"I know you aint used to havin' real fellas like me around
I'm here to change to your whole life girl, so you don't deal with clowns"

Now that is just way to gay for me.. Someone was gay enough to use this in their "Write Something about Yourself" section on Facebook. Yeah.. this guy used to be my best friend, you can see why he isn't any longer. He is currently the coolest kid at his division 3 school, good job. None of his original good friends talk to him anymore because he has turned into a "real fella". We must be these "clowns" he talks about. "Fella" isn't even in the original song.. he changed it, you cant go look up the other lyrics if you'd like I'm sure you can guess what it was (it's a rap song, he is white). The quote is from a shitty rap song by rapper E-40 (who sucks) featuring Akon (who sings like he needs a pacifier). It is the opening lines to the song titled "Wake It Up".. possibly the gayest song I've ever heard. Don't believe me? Please, let us see what "real fellas" look like in this video so you can "Write Something about Yourself" with this:
If these two fuckin' queers are "real fellas" I mean God just the opening is enough to make me throw up ("lookin' good 40".. "feelin' good akon"), but the entire thing is just too much to stomach. These are the kind of guys that don't care about anyone else and only carry their own agenda. Sounds like the "real fella" I know only he is quite possibly a bigger douche. You know the kind of guy that will answer his phone for some skanky bitch, but when his best friend calls doesn't answer. He's going to change her whole life so she doesn't deal with clowns though so rest assured. He thought he was going to start a club promotion company which still hasn't taken off. It was supposed to start like a year ago, but I guess they just suck? Who wants to get paid off of how many of your friends come out to your bar anyways? Oh yes, "real fellas" and douchebags. He apparently denies all accusations. I suppose I'm not gifted enough to ever know how to be a "real fella".

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