Monday, May 4, 2009

The Pillow

I have a good friend who has been dating this girl, Franzia, very roughly for a while now. [she has been deemed Franzia after he purchased her the box full of vinegar piss for her birthday]. Lets just call him Pillow to be simple.. it represents how soft he is and how easily he goes back to girls even though they clearly suck. Is it fair to say that he doesn't have the best of luck with girls.. yes, I really want to spare him. I feel obligated as a friend that he can do better than her. I don't really find her that attractive and since she goes to the beloved Miami University Ohio she just already has this target up. She says her friends hate him, she deletes his wall posts on facebook.. claims there are no other guys.. what is there to hide? This sounds like my boy is getting the typical Miami Oxford treatment. Like I don't know if you're friends don't like the Pillow I don't think many of the guys here like you either? I also couldn't help, but notice my minifeed on facebook getting fucking blown up by this girl about how he's no good and how he's too far away. I guess things change for Miami girls all the time.. kinda like which kissy face to preform with which angle to hold up the peace sign. One day she makes him out to be the greatest guy in the world, the next she is comparable to a bum overlooking him as shit stained underwear while weaving through a dumpster. She has single-handedly ruined many potentially awesome weekends here at Ohio State by putting the Pillow in a bad mood from 2 hours away. That is absurd nobody should be able to do that via text message. I'm trying to fix this problem, ladies look it I may have ripped on him a little here, but I know for sure my boy can do better I just have to find a better girl to throw at him that way we can resolve this issue. Look at the positive things going for Cincinnati Cliff now... I had to.. It is only a matter of time as much as he is gonna hate me for this I'm just helping a brother out.

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