Friday, May 1, 2009

Another Saturday Wasted

Okay, it goes like this.. you can't just not go, because if you could that's exactly what you would do, but you can't. What am I talking about? A girls 21st birthday party the guest list.. sausage, bacon, dick, ham, cock, sweaty balls, meat heads, swamp ass, most likely that one indian guy that smells bad enough for the entire party.. you get the point. Now I love this girl to death she is one of my good friends, but good lord the girls that she is friends with... the one will probably bring a fleet of pigs to accompany her bulbous ass. She probably already asked if her eating team can come. Her other friends, who's faces happen to resemble my ass, are very nice, but it's just like yeah that only can do so much. I want at least something to look at during my time at this shitty party, I guess that's what posters are for.. yes, there will be so much cock there it's even being hosted by a guys house. Since it's not in her domain I feel like even more of an outcast than before. There will probably be guys from Oxford that are willing to make the drive to show off their new haircuts. The storm is coming and hopefully I'm sober enough not to challenge the fat bitch to an eating contest.

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