Saturday, May 16, 2009

Most Painful Piercings

The most painful piercings have not encountered this bitch I know. Her voice is awful.. It sounds like Donald Duck on helium mixed with constant facial expressions from the audience of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader. She prances around like she is galloping on a pony in one of Dora the Explorers scavenger hunts or some shit. Can you find the zipper? No, but I wish there was one on your fucking mouth you dumb cunt.. It's just like can someone please duck tape this bitches mouth shut. The guy from the Finally Fast Dot Com commercial is even bitching about her... I'm going to be somewhat generous and leave her Bermuda Triangle pussy out of this. She shows up and ruins my time just by being there. The majority agrees with me, but God forbid if you say something there are too many people that would be affected. She is best friends with one of my friends girlfriends otherwise it would be simple.. I still have a hard time biting the tongue especially when intoxicated. Nothing is worse than card games with her however.. they should just hand people a shovel with the deck of cards if she is going to be around as well as a measuring tape to measure 6 feet down (if you make it that far). It's like Ty Penninngton and Jessica Simpson reproduced and spawned this creature that roams among us today. Fuck!.. FUCK! If she was the last bitch on Earth mankind would be in jeopardy. I need to come up with some sort of spray repellent, kind of like OFF!.. for irritating bitches.

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