Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ahoy A Carrot

Society constantly tells us what is supposed to be attractive, this includes being tan. Alright that's fine, but there is a line people. If you are one of those bitches that goes out and cooks yourself everyday and you happen to look like a lobster please stop. Nothing is worse than the smell of a tanning bed.. sweat, human flesh being roasted, and lotion.. yum. If you smell like this outside of the tanning bed it is awful, go shower. After years of tanning it will catch up to you and you either die of skin cancer or have leathery skin like a pigs ass. As you may know there is always something worse though.. yes, the spray tan. It looks like one of the guys from the Blue Man group jumped in the wrong fucking paint. Seriously only a vegetarian would think about fucking a giant carrot. If you're a guy and you go tanning, someone has probably already told you you're a queer... because you are. I've heard of black people that go tanning, why? Anyways, ladies please let up on the tanning if you are close to looking Mexican you're probably overdoing it and it looks terrible. You are wasting your money for something that isn't that important. If you are good looking you will be noticed no matter how tan you are.

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