Tuesday, May 5, 2009

11 on the Corner

Next to my house resides eleven bitches.. I know what you are thinking, wrong. It isn't awesome, in fact it is awful. To start none of them are good looking so get that out of your mind. They have parties that usually are irritating since the crowd is all cock. I would say 15 girls (including the 11 of them) and 100 dudes whenever they have parties. Yes, as a "good neighbor" I would show up at the beginning of the year.. now, fuck that. It's so gay when you go over there.. how many meatheads can we gather in a house? I find it to be a challenge. There is always yelling and fighting to and usually my house is somehow destroyed in the process. Our banister was broken outside by these assholes, another night one of the bikes outside was destroyed, then our cornhole boards were broken in half, the list goes on. We never get any apologies or anything, I just want to start having more parties here and just have a flaming couch launcher and shoot it into their house. Fuck these bitches alright and to me when I'm over there I'm just wondering which lucky guy is gonna fuck one of these colossal bitches. God they all try so hard too.. WHY? I don't know why anyone would willingly go over there unless feeling obligated. To actually want to go for one of these bitches is ridiculous, I would rather put my dick in a bear trap. When the parties are over these assholes they have over stick around in their yard and shit as well as by my house. I have found myself walking outside in the middle of the night in my boxers just simply wielding a baseball bat, silent, to get rid of these drunk assholes. They usually clear out, but God I can't stand hearing drunken cock fights. "Oh the Indians are the best team ever you fuck stick" and it usually escalates from there.
These assholes are having their Cinco De Mayo party tonight, why? I'm not sure? Cinco De Mayo is a stupid fucking reason to party, don't believe me? Look up the history, the French came back a year later.. anyways, I sometimes wait for these psycho bitches to shoot a harpoon through my window at night and kill me. I mean they fuck up everything else enough, doesn't seem like a stretch at all to me.

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