Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why must you do this?

The new "fiercer" Lions logo... after an 0-16 season they have become more fierce? I'm sorry if anything they should have downgraded to something like the pussycats.. Why must you do this Detroit Lions? Instead of designing a better logo to lose with they should concentrate more on improving their team. I don't understand how a team can suck this bad in the NFL, there is a salary cap? If anything the Lions sign a guy every year who is unproven for a shit ton of money and they still suck. Don't get me wrong Calvin Johnson is an absolute stud, but he even said all he wants is to win. It's really sad, I don't know how anyone in Detroit goes to those games. If they take Stafford in the draft who is going to block for him? I mean I want to watch a decent game on Thanksgiving for once. Don't get me started on their D.. I'm pulling for them to at least get 3 wins next season I mean come on.

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