Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Number

First off there are a lot of these bitches out there. The girl that is a 7 (out of 10) but in her head thinks she is like a perfect 10 model. Regardless don't bother in trying to talk to this girl because holy shit you are not worthy. That's right fellas, but oh shit if she needs help oh my you are the man aren't you? I don't think so bitch. If we break this number phenomena down.. remove the makeup 7 goes to 6 maybe even a 5, but shes still too fucking good to talk to you even though you don't even want to get with her because you can't stand anyone who acts like Paris Hilton. I can't stand being around these bitches in fact I think I'm just going to start bringing an industrial sized case of Midol to parties now. Any bitch "too fucking good" just gets a bottle shoved in her mouth. I'll show up and all the guys will just be like "fuck finally some relief" and we would have to ration according to bitch with the biggest ego. Like here swallow 60 of these and come talk to us? Oh? What? What's that? It's not your period? Oh fuck well I really don't give a shit do it anyways. The beer bong may have to spring into action and be used as a Midol bong in some extreme circumstances... When some of my friends have slipped away and turned into this particular girl. It is sad, but I mean if you are just going to ignore your old friends and act like you are the fucking master bitch of the universe that's fine, but it's probably at this point where you will be told you know what you're not that hot. Let us take time for this to sink in I know this is a new concept for you to think about and since you're not that hot you can't be a huge bitch all the time. I mean even if you are that hot you shouldn't be, but who fucking cares that isn't the point. If you aren't willing to accept this start buying the ShamPon from the makers of the ShamWow. If you are willing to accept that you have been a huge cunt then get the sand out of your vag and move on.

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