Monday, April 27, 2009

Miami University... Ohio?

Yes, that's right if you're not from Ohio or a neighboring state of Ohio chances are you prolly don't care or don't know too much about this want to be ivy league school. All the girls suck don't ever date one I've made the mistake multiple times. These girls are the worst, they look like they will have potential and are somewhat promising, but no. After examining the situation it's just a fountain of fake bitches, sluts, and drama. These are the same girls that pose with the peace sign and "kissy face" in pictures. There is a reason they went there.. they want to be with the "my new haircut" type guy or this guy:

This is their ideal guy.. so unless this fagget happens to be you (lets pray to god it isn't) chances are they won't want you around for that long, or this is your competition.. Ask yourself would you want to touch any girl that would be with a guy like this? You think I'm just gonna let them off with one picture? Hell no.

Pictures do really say a thousand words. I can sum it up in one, douchebags.

Notice the bitch giving the "kissy face"... Anyways, I've never heard any of my friend who have dated a Miami Ohio girl say they they got anything positive out of it. The usual response is "she was being a complete cunt and I never date a Miami bitch again." I about forgot to say these bitches also happen to think they think they are better than everyone else as well (refer to "The Number"). It's like you go to Miami.. of fucking OHIO this is not "The U" okay shut the fuck up. I don't think I've ever had an enjoyable experience in the shitty town of Oxford, Ohio.. In fact, every time I've been there something bad has happened. The place hates me, I hate them more.. so fuck them and their sluts, their meatheads, with all the same haircuts. If you ever find yourself in Oxford, Ohio just get two fuckin Heinekens at the bar and you'll fit right in.


  1. A sorority cry there is "If you're dating a Miami girl, raise your glasses! If you aren't, raise your standards!" Miami girls are usually very attractive and many even have half a brain...but when it comes to personality, I'd rather play shuffleboard with a screaming Dakota Fanning.

  2. I can't believe there are dudes like that pictured...they are quite guido...I just hope that they are gay guidos.