Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Sometimes I make the mistake of leaving the television on with the remote across the room as I'm doing homework or typing a paper and it is like background noise. There are however several commercials that break my concentration:

Exhibit A: The Iron Pony Commercials... There is nothing worse than hearing "just get to the pony" or anything else said in that voice. Now lets take a second to watch.

That's just an example of the stupidity no wonder America is slipping.

Exhibit B: MLB 2K9
This one wasn't that bad at first until it was on literally every other commercial. I understand the game just came out, but good lord how many times can you show it.

Exhibit C: The Snuggie

If I ever saw someone wearing one of these at a ballgame I think I would probably punch them out. You know people are lazy when they can't adjust a blanket. As for the actors in the video, wow.

Exhibit D and E:
Vince with the ShamWow and Slapchop... some of the shit he says makes no sense. "fettuccine, linguine, bikini", "you're going to love my nuts", "there's your mildew that's gonna smell", and of course "this tuna looks boring, stop having a boring tuna stop having a boring life".

Exhibit F: Progressive Commercials.. any of them this woman is fucking like the gothic, spider-woman looking, just got out of the insane asylum talking bitch. Her name is fucking FLO! FLO! What the fuck is that? Try and tell me she's not irritating:

Exhibit G: Castrol Synthetic Motor Oil
God this is fucking irritating to hear over and over again.

Exhibit H: Finally Fast Dot Com
God help us.

Now the others I couldn't find, but the buyers auto dot com with Kirk Herbstreit... he must say it like 20 times in a 30 second commercial. Another one is the triple credit report dot com... "try to say it three times fast" FUCKKK! WHY? NOOOOO! it's so irritating and the one guy like fuckin sings it like he's getting his ass pounded yet enjoying it like thats what he yells out when he's having gay sex. BUT nothing is worse than the beep beep dot com commercial... holy shit I can't even begin to express my hate for it. It just gets louder and louder and faster like some sort of satanic chant "beep beep dot com, beep beep dot com, beep beep dot com" If you have seen any of these I know that you have to agree with me.

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