Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ch ha chan changgg

If you live in the city you know what I'm referring to... yes the "homeless guys" that beg for change or in their street lingo "ch ha chan channgg" At Ohio State there are plenty of these bums around asking college students for change... maybe they think we are nicer or what, but the fact is they probably make more money than us. But its beyond irritating each bum has like their own "thing" there is a rapping bum who went in hiding because apparently he's not a real bum, then you have the guy who is always saying "here comes hope", the guy that is "starving" even though he outweighs me (I'm 220 lbs) and of course the guy with that needs to "catch the bus". Now really these people piss me off because we all know that all they want is enough ch ha chan channgg to get themselves a few 40's and get wasted and most likely piss themselves. Its bad enough Columbus, Ohio isn't the best smelling of places between the water treatment plant and the landfill south of the city, but when I can smell a bum coming around a corner from 20 feet away there is an issue. Obama won so you're welfare checks are going to go up so don't worry you can afford you're new Jordan's or $70 Sean Jean shirt. The worst is when I'm out a lady friend and you are being like harassed about change it's like dude bum stop trying to cock block me and stop creeping out my girl. I'm sick of living in the fucking ghetto I'm stuck here because it is close to campus. I find myself avoiding the main streets as much as possible to avoid dealing with these bums and their awful stench. So please to all the fake bums spread the word and have your buddies go to a local pool/gym and at least shower.

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