Thursday, March 26, 2009


I can't watch the news anymore. I really made an effort to for a while, but when I want to see what the great Obama is going to do for the economy all I hear about is his NCAA bracket, what his first meal was on Air Force One, and how he plans to put a basketball court on the White House property... Ok great what is he doing for us? All I know is that he is granting bailouts and the companies getting bailed out are giving bonuses with that money. Are we serious? Obama scolded the companies that gave out bonuses. Oh my wow that's so intimidating, I mean really we couldn't have some guidelines to these bailouts? I heard one company used their bailout money to buy a Super Bowl ad. This is the CHANGE and HOPE everyone was looking for. As far as I'm concerned we have a pussy in office. I'm sure by now you can be smart enough to determine I voted for McCain. Even fucking Iran is calling Obama out on his message on "change" in which Obama took the pussy approach there as well. So I now get my news online. I can see why the newspapers are dropping like flies. If you want to watch the news and see how big Obama's first shit was in the White House and what he named it be my guest. You will be under a rock blinded by the cult and theory that Obama does no wrong.

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