Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Luke Harangody Sucks... and basketball in general

Need I say more? I mean he has to have the gayest name ever... Harangody aldkfja;lsidjfi it's awful. Have you seen this guy? God he sucks I mean nothing could possibly be worse than losing to fucking Harangody... I mean am I the only one who thinks he sucks and will be a doormat in the NBA? Dwight Howard vs. Harangody.. think about it. I'm currently pissed off because I made a bet on the game tonight hoping UK would beat Harangody and Notre Dame, but obviously I should have never bet on the game because I always make bad bets because I have bias views of games I bet on which seems to be an issue of mine. I happen to be a fan of the UC Bearcats so betting in favor of UK just shows the hate I have for Harangody. UC beat ND 93-83 this year in the Big East and they swept Georgetown... Yes, UC did blow their chance to get into the NCAA tourney at the end of the season, but look it..ND and Georgetown both got into the NIT tourney at least and UC didn't? Is it because the fucking people picking the NIT just wanted to throw Harangodys' gay ass on TV some more? I bet on UK though tonight (speaking of basketball programs that have gone down the shitter) why? Because I think Harangody sucks, but in reality he's fatter than everyone else and just uses his fat body to throw up hook shots that magically go in. The game of basketball has always fascinated me as to how a team can suck.. I mean think about it there are only 5 guys on the floor if one of them is worth a shit and the others are just okay you'd think you would have a chance, but look at the Knicks last year. Basketball is a bullshit sport dominated by officials and faking fouls kind of like soccer, but I'm not even going to go down that road. I feel basketball is the most over hyped sport out there which is why guys who have never played from other countries who happen to be tall can shoot around for a month and then go into the NBA... point made.



  2. Dude is the softest "big man" in the world. He plays like Patrick Ewing did when he was over the hill...fading away on everything, even when a guard has to switch down on him...brutal.