Monday, February 23, 2009


I had a flashback the other day when my friend wanted to meet me at Wendy's to eat. Now I have always had issues with fast food places, like recentl McDonalds raised the price on he double cheeseburger, but Wendy's is in its' own league. It was my junior year in high school and I was on my way to see my friends play in the first round of the state basketball playoffs. My friend was driving and we were about to get on the highway to head down to the game in Cincinnati. It was at this point when I needed to take my medication so we stopped off right before the highway at Wendy's. We go to park because the drivers window didn't work in his car so I hop out and then all of a sudden three white vans roll up in front of me, blocking my way to the door. The doors of the vans open and I thought Thanksgiving was about to start because 30 Amish people come out with the buckle hats and everything. I couldn't help, but think I didn't belong and since we were in a hurry to make the game I was pissed off. Then in anger I yell out "There ain't no way I'm waiting on 30 Amish people t get a fuckin' drink!"... Then they looked over at me. I got in the car because I didn't want to get a reaction because God knows if the Amish are hostile. So we went elsewhere, but I mean give me a break since when do the Amish go to Wendy's? That was the most bizarre thing. Since that experience I haven't been the biggest fan of Wendy's.


One of the most basic sports you can play is basketball the concept of getting the ball in the hoop doesn't seem so hard, but to some it is a mighty challenge. I mean it amazes me that professional basketball players that make millions of dollars can't shoot well from the free throw line, example: Shaq. Whenever I go play a pick up game there is always the one guy on the team that just flat out sucks, for whatever reason I am always paired up on this guys team... If that's you then please stop playing in pick up games... nobody cares that you were an intramural all star back in the day because obviously those days are over. Where I play it is somewhat competitive, but the other day I was on a team with a kid that would take every shot and usually miss the hoop by 3 ft each time. During the game my team was down by 5 (we play to 12 by 1's and 2's so we were being dominated... I wonder why?) and this kid puts up a shot that goes over the top of the backboard... at this point I had given my all to the team, but I just couldn't play with this fool anymore. After the shot I just left the game without saying anything and walked out of the gym door I obviously am not as accepting of that type of shittiness as everyone else. I can stand a few air balls, but shooting the ball over the entire backboard is by no means acceptable. I'm not even going to go into detail about his defense (there offense was give the ball to the guy the shitty kid was guarding). I couldn't help, but think I didn't belong.